Why You Should Request a Home Warranty on a Home You’re Buying

The process of buying a home can come with a lot of uncertainty. While you may love what you can see and get as much information as possible, there are often things that are potentially near the breaking point throughout your home. Requesting the seller establish a Home Warranty on the current home will give you the peace of mind that the way things are before sale will be protected throughout the buying process and in the coming weeks and months after you close on the house and move in. Here are 3 more reasons to request a Home Warranty before you close:

1. Budget

When you are first moving into your new home, you may start to budget for small changes and things you want or need to have when first moving in. By having a Home Warranty, you can ensure that you are protected for large appliance and system failures that could have had thousands of dollars in cost.

2. Potential Short Term Claims

Whether it is a pipe leak in the basement, a broken water heater, an HVAC system that won’t turn on, or a garage door opener that stopped working, there are dozens of small failures in a home that could happen at any time. Having an HPOA Home Warranty you can have protection on these plans that could arise during the sale or shortly after.

3. Find Things You Wouldn’t Have Before

When you request a Home Warranty, your seller may begin looking at the systems and appliances in their home in a new way. Creating a way to begin having a conversation on the costs of repairing and replacing these items, or lowering the asking price on the home to off-set the need to do this yourself. Having the conversation is an easy way to open dialogues that may not have happened earlier in the process, saving you time, money, and regret down the line. Interested in finding out more about a Home Warranty from Home Protection of America? Click here and start the process of finding how a Home Warranty can work for you.