Smell the roses – give mom the gift of a Home Warranty and a dozen roses from Home Protection of America. To give your mom the gift of peace of mind with our Mother’s Day Promotion, use code THANKSMOM at checkout when purchasing any one, three, or five year term plan and the roses are on us with a personalized card from you!

This year, give mom the gift that brings her peace every day of the year. A Home Warranty is the gift that mom did not know that she needed or wanted. The assurance of a predictable budget and no stress appliance repair is enough to make every mom happy this Mother’s Day!

Year Long Security

With options ranging from monthly plans to five year terms, a Home Warranty is truly the gift that keeps on giving.  With a reasonable cost that you can easily fit into any budget, a Home Warranty gives you the knowledge and power of knowing that you will never have to worry about bearing the full brunt of a covered appliance’s repairs or replacement. 

Appliances are covered from a broken part to a complete failure.  They’re even covered from normal wear and tear.  If an appliance breaks, all you need to do is start a claim.  

Peace of mind.

Practical Makes Perfect

Sometimes the best gifts that you give are the most practical.  Mother’s Day is the most popular day to eat out in a restaurant, but you only get to enjoy that meal once.  Chocolates get eaten, and a necklace only gets worn for special occasions.  A Home Warranty is a practical gift that will make your mom feel a sense of security every single day.

If you can’t be there in person, a Home Warranty even gives you the security of knowing that your mom is taken care of when you’re not around.  If an appliance breaks, she will not need to worry about what to do.  Your mom will simply have to call HPOA and start a claim.  She can even use any licensed and insured service provider that she chooses, meaning no unknown corporate vendor in her home.  Peace of mind.

Even the Kitchen Sink

Home warranties from Home Protection of America are customizable.  There are two main tiers of warranties, and you can always add additional protection for appliances that aren’t included.  This means that you can cover her classic appliances like ovens and refrigerators, but also include covering her swimming pool with the same policy that covers her air conditioner.  You can even cover her garbage disposal and garage door opener!  

Giving your mom the gift of a Home Warranty is almost like buying her all of these appliances for a low monthly cost.  If any of these appliances break, HPOA is a phone call away from a no hassle claim.  Beyond the cost of your one, three, or five year plan, there are no additional or hidden fees.  There are no per claim deductible, service or trade fees – ever. With her new term plan, you can feel confident that she’s covered for years to come. Peace of mind.

Return the Favor

Your mom took care of you, and looked out for you for your entire life.  She nurtured you and made sure that you were safe.  Now is the time to repay that debt.  You can’t be there for her around the clock, but a Home Warranty from Home Protection of America can be. 

This Mother’s Day, give your mom the gift of peace of mind with a warranty from Home Protection of America.  

And just because flowers don’t last forever, doesn’t mean they aren’t still appreciated.  For a limited time, if you purchase a one, three or five year Home Warranty, Home Protection of America will also send your mom a dozen roses to enjoy, in addition to feeling the confidence that this coverage brings – just use code THANKSMOM at checkout to take advantage of this limited time Mother’s Day Promotion.